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[Brand New] KAZOKU K3F Hot , Cold and Warm Floor Stand Water Dispenser 

*1 Year Limited Warranty For Any Manufacturing Defects



5 Bottle of 19L/5 Gallons RO Water 


Terms & Conditions:
Member must be subscribed "Empty Bottle Deposit" Plan in order to proceed with the purchase.


Link Referrence: https://www.kazoku.com.my/plans-pricing

[Hot,Cold,Warm] K3F -3 functions cooling fan

  • Features of Product:

    • Hot water safety device
    • Sufficient dispensing height
    • Stainless steel hot and cold tank
    • Installed high efficiency electronic cooling system
    • Equiped hot and cold energy saving ON/OFF switches
    • New ABS plastic material
  • Heating Capacity : (hot) 4.0L/H, 85 - 90 degree celcius

    Cooling Capacity : (cold) 0.75L/H, less than 12- 15 degree celcius

    Power consumption : (hot) 420W, (cold) 65W

    Dimentions : (W) 340mm x (D) 320mm x (H) 850mm