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We offer the best RO drinking water in environmental-friendly gallon bottles and Malaysia's First RO sparkling water for office & household use. We offer next-day delivery services within KL and Klang Valley.

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Drinking Water Supply & Water Delivery


Water Purifier & Water Dispenser 

We offer a range of water purification and water dispensers that allowed our customer to choose the right and suitable choice.

We offer water filter installation, service & maintenance with best-in-class filtering technology to provide maximum reduction in water contaminants.

Indoor / Outdoor Water Filtration System 



Our filter removes 99% of lead and asbestos and 62 other harmful contaminants. It reduces the negative impact on the environment.



Provides excellent long-term value – enjoy fresh, clean drinking water with fast delivery to your doorstep.

Easy installation. No hassle of boiling water.


RO water provides food a flavorful impact resulting in better tasting dishes that tantalizes the palate. It also enhances the flavor of drinks with the absence of impurities.



Best Water Filter System for Home

The human body is as much as 70% of water. The scarcity of drinkable water is a growing problem in the whole world and especially in Malaysia.

One cannot be careful enough with the quality of water that they drink, but it is also true that not everybody can get economical access to the best water filter. Having a water filter system for home might not be the solution for many, but it does not translate to compromising the water quality he drinks.

In such a situation, SP Hydro presents an affordable solution for people who do not want to compromise their health.

Best Water Filter System at KAZOKU

We are offering 100% purified water contained in environment-friendly gallons. The water we supply is purified through a state-of-the-art water filtration system that removes 99% of the contaminants from the water. The contaminants our water filter system removes include both germs and harmful substances.

Moreover, our purified water is proven to have positive impacts on general health and metabolism.

For the ease of our customers, SB hydro is providing next-day delivery all over KL and Klang valley so that your busy schedule cannot get in the way of your access to water from the best water filter.

Water Filter System

Water Purifier and Water Dispenser

Drinkable water does not only mean having filtered water, but it also means having water properly stored for human use. Moreover, the factors like optimum temperature and ease of access can also not be ignored.

SP Hydro is presenting water purification, storage, and dispensing systems in addition to water filter system for home that can improve the quality of drinkable water.

Our range of water purifiers and water dispensers offers affordable and suitable products for everyone be it for their home or office.

Without water purifiers, you will get the best quality of drinking water, just like the quality of the water filtration system. And our water dispensers will store the water in an optimum condition that will prevent the water from any contaminations while maintaining a pleasant temperature.

Water Filter System for Home

With our water filter system, purifiers and dispensers, you will neither have to go through the inconvenience of maneuvering a big water gallon nor will you have to wait for hours before the water is cold enough for you to drink.

If you couple our water purifiers and dispensers with our pure water gallons, the problem of your access to drinkable water will be sorted.

Indoor/ Outdoor Water Filtration System

The best solution for having access to drinkable water is to have a water filter system for home.

SP Hydro is providing a complete range of indoor/outdoor water filtration systems so that you can filter and purify your water at home without having to go through the trouble of getting water gallons again and again.

Our water filtration system is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can remove 99% of the contaminants from the water, making it up to safety standards. Our water filter system will remove both chemical substances and germs from water so that there is no compromise on your health.

But SP Hydro also realizes that maintaining an indoor/outdoor water filter system can be hard and inconvenient for many. This is why we are offering complete installation, maintenance, and repair services for the best water filter systems.

You can trust us to provide quality and reliable services to maintain your indoor/outdoor water filtration system. We have all the spare parts readily available to provide you with timely services.

Moreover, our technicians are also trained to provide customized solutions to ensure streamlined access to drinkable water for any household or commercial property.

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