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Water Purifier Filter Malaysia

It is well-known that drinking contaminated water can expose you to numerous health threats and put you at risk of diseases. We also know that a water purifier system or a water purifier filter can make contaminated water 99% safe to drink.

But before we assume that every water purifier Malaysia can make contaminated water safe to drink, let's understand what is at risk.

It is evident from the researches that contaminated water can cause gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, stomach ache, nausea, and vomiting. These are the most commonly known water-related diseases.

But recent studies are showing that water contamination is not restricted to bacteria and viruses only. Water is contaminated with more harmful substances, chemicals, ions, radicals, and bio molecules in this industrial age.

Contaminated water is now proven to cause severe diseases like thyroid problems, leukemia, reproductive disorders, and even cancer.

The million-dollar question is that is your water purifier Malaysia capable of making your water free of all these substances that can cause such severe problems?

The answer is that even the most popular water purifier system is not enough to remove carcinogens from your water.

But with SP Hydro by your side, you do not have to worry anymore. We are providing a water purifier filter that is better capable of effectively removing the most commonly known water contaminants.

How Can We Help with our Water Purifier System

SP Hydro is the leading company in Malaysia dedicated to providing a safe drinking water supply. We have years of experience ensuring that Malaysian residents have a safe source of drinking water, be it through our supply of purified water or through the equipment that we supply.

1. Water Purifier System:

We operate an industrial-level water purification facility equipped with the technology to remove pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, and chemical substances, including ions and free radicals.

After passing water through our water purifier system and making it safe to drink, we store it in environment-friendly water gallons to prevent it from recontamination.

2. Purified Water Delivery:

The gallons of purified water are then supplied from our water purifier Malaysia to our customers sterilized. We also provide direct piping water supply from our water purifier filter directly to the houses of our regular customers to eliminate the need for water gallons delivery

3. Water Coolers and Dispensers:

To further facilitate our customers, we also provide water cooler machines and water dispensers, additionally equipped with a water purifier system.

Our customers can obtain our water gallon delivery service or a direct piping supply to the water dispensers. The water cooling machine eliminates the hassle of maneuvering water gallons and ensures a regulated supply of safe drinking water at an optimum temperature.

Our water dispensers further ensure that the water does not get re-contaminated in the process of transferring from our piping line or water gallon to your glass through an inbuilt water purifier filter.

4. Water Purifier Filter:

We also provide the service of installing water purifier Malaysia at the property of our customers, be it at their house or office.

The water purifier system that we install for our customers is equipped with the same technology that we use at our water purifier Malaysia facility and produces the same result that each of our water purifier filters does.

With our water purifier system installed at their property, our customers can get an interruption-free, hassle-free and continuous supply of safe drinking water without any third-party involvement.

Moreover, we also provide reliable maintenance and repair services for the water filter systems that we install to ensure that your water purifier Malaysia works at the maximum of its potential and does not compromise on the quality.

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