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RO Water Dispenser Machine Malaysia

The harms of drinking unsafe or contaminated water are inevitable. Similarly, everyone is aware of the benefits of drinking RO purified and filtered water. But one must also admit that safe drinking water comes at the cost of inconvenience.

Usually, drinking water either comes in heavy and bulky gallons or is supplied through direct piping. The big water gallons are hard to maneuver and store, and it is also hard to pour water out of them into storable and manageable containers.

It also comes with the inconvenience of using small containers to adjust the water temperature by putting them in a refrigerator. It also takes additional time before you can have ready-to-drink chilled water.

The direct piping system might be more convenient than water gallons. However, it is still inconvenient because you will still have to go through the inconvenience of storing water in small containers and putting it in the refrigerator until it becomes cold enough to drink.

Hot, Warm, Cold Floor Stand Dispenser.jpeg

Water Dispenser KL by SP Hydro

With SP Hydro's RO water dispenser range, you can be free of all these hassles and can have a manageable system to store water and have an instant supply of cold or hot water whenever you need it.

Here is how our water dispenser machine can revolutionize your life and water drinking habits:

1. Water Dispenser Machine Technology:

Our water dispenser KL allows you to put your water gallon directly on top of it. There is a spike in the middle of the gallon socket that punctures the gallon seal and allows water to flow in the tank underneath.

The tank is divided into two halves, one for cold water and the other for hot water. Each section has a temperature maintenance plate that maintains your desired temperature in the collected water.

As a result, whenever you press the button connected to each section, you will get an instant supply of cold or hot water as you need.

As soon as you consume some water and there is a space in the tank, the water will automatically flow out of the gallon into the tank, and the plate will start adjusting the temperature again.

Our water dispenser Malaysia range contains both gallon-type and direct piping-type RO water dispenser, which means you can either put a gallon on it or connect it to the direct piping. The water dispenser machine will take water directly from the source.

2. Our Range of Water Dispenser Malaysia:

Many water suppliers provide water dispenser KL but that with our water dispenser Malaysia, you can get a lot more features.

First of all, you will get a range to choose your water dispenser machine from. You can decide based on technology, i.e., gallon or direct piping type. You can also choose between countertop, tabletop, or floor standing orientation types. 

Moreover, you can choose from 3-gallon or 5-gallon capacity options depending upon your need and consumption.

Other options include many designs, styles, and colors so that you can choose water RO water dispenser that sits perfectly in your home or office.

3. Pocket-Friendly RO Water Dispenser:

Besides all this variety, there are some similarities in the entire water dispenser Malaysia that we supply. Our entire water dispenser KL is designed to be energy efficient so that you do not have to pay a heavy amount as electricity bill to drink safe water.

Moreover, each of our water dispenser machines is built upon the principles of being maintenance-free so that you can use our water dispenser machine for a long time without the inconvenience of having to spend on its repairing or spare parts.

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